Villa Lucia Oil

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Our oil is extra-virgin oil made from the olive trees on our property in Montevettolini, Italy. Our oil is a full-flavored, golden-green olive oil, redolent with fruit and a pronounced peppery bite. This pleasant, sharp sensation is a marker of both its high antioxidant quality as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. It also indicates that care was taken during harvest and production. The olives are harvested by hand, at the perfect moment of ripeness, and swiftly brought to a processing facility merely minutes away.

Villa Lucia produces on their organic farm, extra-virgin olive oil, verified by computer analysis of its acidity and perossidy (oxidation) to be classified as extra-virgin, according to the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC), that regulates and authenticates olive oil. Extra-virgin must have less than .8 acidity and perossidy not to exceed 20. Oil not cared for by being exposed to heat, light, or foul odors will deteriorate in quality, lead to rancidity, increase in acidity, and perossidy, decreasing its nutritional value.

Following the pressing of our Villa Lucia olives, oil is put immediately into stainless steel tanks to protect its nutritional qualities and taste. For the past 30 years Villa Lucia continues to produce extra-virgin oil that computer analysis, recognized by the IOOC, has proven to meet the requirements to be classified as extra-virgin.

Best Way to Enjoy Our Olive Oil: 

Our oil is condiment oil, meant to enhance your foods after cooking. By using it raw, you preserve our oil’s exceptional flavor and nutritional qualities. Try it drizzled over pasta, salad, cooked greens, or brushed on crostini. Explore the many ways to enjoy our unique olive oil.