Octoberfest in Italy

It may be better in Germany but thanks to globalization, now we can celebrate Octoberfest in Italy.  OK instead of bratwurst 10 lamb kabobs on the stick will have to do, You can see I have  2 down and 7 to go:  Dog gone  it, Jorge stole one again.


As for beer, a cold pint is good anywhere. Jorge and Ricardo did not need Germany to down  ummmm a few pints.


Wedding at Villa Lucia

August saw a most handsome couple  get married at Villa Lucia, beautiful Ana  and her handsome companion Randy, publishers of Newport Beach Livestyle magazine. Ana’s family  came from Spain to join  some 50 other guests for a week of activities. As usual, my husband, doctor Jorge ( once a most successful plastic surgeon) performed the ceremony as he has done for many more in his new role as minister at Villa Lucia.

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Italian gestures , a substitute for words, are good to know,

Having had a bout with spoiled milk, I had to rush to the bathroom due to a case of food poisoning when out with friends for lunch. A cold sweat, vomiting with dry heaves, made me feel like the kitchen sink that had backed up for some reason that same morning.

The next day, feeling great, while reading on our upstairs patio, our plumber arrived. He yelled up to me and asked how I was since he heard I had experienced some problems. I yelled back, “fantastic”. He gestured to me questioning what was wrong. I then explained how someone left what appeared to be a fresh container of milk etc. etc, and I put it into the refrigerator thinking it had never been opened etc, etc, and continued to explain for 5 minutes how the milk spoiled etc, etc, and how the bacteria formed, etc, etc, and how that sent me to the bathroom, etc, etc.

I ascertained he was bored hearing about my bowel and vomiting experience, when I understood that Italian gesture with the quick movements with the back of his fingers under his chin, meaning, “I don’t give a dam,”

che mi frega

I ended my monologue when that gesture was followed by another when he put his fingers together with his thumbs on both hands to question me from below the patio which I understood to say,


“ma che dici…….? What the hell are you talking about? I came to fix the kitchen sink.

Laila learning italian while cooking frittata

IMG_0434I am back to my computer and life at Villa Lucia after spending a fantastic 6 months living in Florence with my 15 year old granddaughter , Laila. Since my life centers in the kitchen it was fun to help teach her some Italian verbs while cooking with grandma and grandpa. Not easy learning a new language . So proud of her. Now she is back in New York . We miss her and her great frittatas.

See part of the video on facebook. Villa Lucia


Villa Lucia B and B Stories Continue

Two of our female guests were to meet a Sig.  Gerrari at the RR Station in Bologna for a business meeting. Before they departed  by train to Bologna we discussed  at Villa Lucia how  Italians greet one another  by kissing both cheeks, and how ladies often make the first gesture.  When they arrived back at Villa Lucia they told me and our guests that when arriving  in Bologna they noticed a young sexy man staring at them who  appeared to be waiting for them to take them to their meeting.

italian gesture

With big smiles and happy faces,  Judy and Faith took turns giving the man a warm embrace  along with the social italian kissing  gesture they learned . Kissee Kissee, kissing him on both cheeks. Without a  word spoken they were surprised to see the young man smiling from ear to ear  board the train as it was pulling away from the station waving thank you to both ladies. They were so embarrassed that they took a taxi to their destination and left the real Sig, Gerrari  who was waiting in his car for the lovely ladies and who they never got to meet.