Award-winning Chocolates: Slitti


Another one of my favorite food artisans is the Slitti family, makers of chocolates as done years ago. I had no idea that the the basement of a coffee shop in our neighborhood was also the setting of a chocolate making kitchen, until hearing the announcement that they were the winners of the Medaglia d’oro Concorse International di Ciocolaterie in 1993. This was followed by the Slitti’s winning the International Grand Prix of Chocolates in Paris in 1994. A wonderful relationship developed with the Slitti’s and soon their spotless hospital like kitchen became the location for our chocolate cooking classes.


In 1996 when they won the Olympics of Chocolate in Berlin they became known as one of the most prestigious artisan chocolate makers, in the world. Andrea Slitti having won some 30 awards internationally and traveling extensively, left little time for our cooking classes. I and our many class attendees are very pleased that we were able to have this experience of chocolate making in his kitchen before his fame left little time for classes. The family is in the process of building next to their coffee shop a chocolate shop and kitchen where hopefully future classes can be held.