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For more information about Villa Lucia please visit our website:




VILLA LUCIA 1443 Bronzoli,

Montevettolini, Monsummano Terme,




tel: (011) 39 0 572 617 790

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello Lucy,
    I enjoyed your newletter, especially the itchy boobs. It happened to us, too- transfered from my tummy to his (don’t ask). Bill and I will be in Liverno Oct 6 & 7 and were very upset that we couldn’t rent a car to come visit the Farm! Absolutely none available, as they are closed at the port on sunday and all reted on the Monday. So we will be going with a tour group to Lucca on Sunday , Oct 6, and then, Monday taking a train to Cinque Terra on the 7th. But we will be back soon to visit the Farm again. ‘Love from Bill and Kathy Biava, Newport Beach.

  2. I believe it was in the year 2000 that my husband and myself and 3 other couples participated in the cooking school along with 4 other women from Portland, OR. In fact we are the ones in the first part of your video. I was married to my marvelous husband, Tom (Knox) who passed away from lung cancer in 2004…..but I still have fond memories of Villa Lucia. It was one of our best trips.

    We are now about 5 couples who are interested in the cooking school………..probably in the fall of 2015. We are interested in all staying in the main house. How soon should we book and what would the deposit be. Should any members have to cancel before final payment is due, what is the penalty?

    Lucia – we were there when your mother was there – she gave us pasta making lessons. Your husband came from the states and your daughter gave us a lesson in eating the Mediterranean diet. It was a wonderful week…………never to be forgotten.

    I look forward to hearing from you……………

    Ingrid Kramer
    Pleasanton, CA

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