A Most Successful Villa Lucia White Truffle Hunt

On a rainy day in Montevettolini we thought we would have to cancel our scheduled hunt. We were all surprised to find that our one hour drive brought us to  San Miniato with clear skies and truffle dogs ready to hunt the subterranean fungus and ultimate culinary treat.  Our successful hunt brought  in 700 grams of the white truffle with a market value of  about 1400 dollars. Although we had to forfeit the money we had a great day even though being  difficult to keep up with the trained dogs sniffing  the roots of the  poplar, beech and oak trees in acres of damp woods. Sliding down hillsides to keep up with them through mud and fallen tree branches was not easy but necessary to get the precious tuber species before the dogs would eat the valuable fungi. The truffle hunter with a pocket full of treats to give the dogs found himself at one time left with only crumbs due to the success of the hunt,

image1 IMG_4111 IMG_4375 IMG_4377 IMG_4496

Look for more tales of life at Villa Lucia in 2015

Thanks to  Kim, seeing me take a few slides down hills,  furnished me with a oak tree branch to use as a cane to balance myself through the muddy and slippery ground cover. After removing the boots supplied to us we were all ready for treats in the farm house before our ride back to Villa Lucia.

Look for more tales of life at Villa Lucia in 2015.

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