Italian gestures , a substitute for words, are good to know,

Having had a bout with spoiled milk, I had to rush to the bathroom due to a case of food poisoning when out with friends for lunch. A cold sweat, vomiting with dry heaves, made me feel like the kitchen sink that had backed up for some reason that same morning.

The next day, feeling great, while reading on our upstairs patio, our plumber arrived. He yelled up to me and asked how I was since he heard I had experienced some problems. I yelled back, “fantastic”. He gestured to me questioning what was wrong. I then explained how someone left what appeared to be a fresh container of milk etc. etc, and I put it into the refrigerator thinking it had never been opened etc, etc, and continued to explain for 5 minutes how the milk spoiled etc, etc, and how the bacteria formed, etc, etc, and how that sent me to the bathroom, etc, etc.

I ascertained he was bored hearing about my bowel and vomiting experience, when I understood that Italian gesture with the quick movements with the back of his fingers under his chin, meaning, “I don’t give a dam,”

che mi frega

I ended my monologue when that gesture was followed by another when he put his fingers together with his thumbs on both hands to question me from below the patio which I understood to say,


“ma che dici…….? What the hell are you talking about? I came to fix the kitchen sink.

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