Orange County Ladies Picking Olives at Villa Lucia during our last harvest


Fun time during a week of cooking and picking olives during our annual Olive Oil and Artisan Cooking Weeks, Come join us for our 2016 harvest during the first two weeks of November, You get to taste our boutique extra virgin liquid gold seconds after being pressed and take some home.


olive pickers

Laila learning italian while cooking frittata

IMG_0434I am back to my computer and life at Villa Lucia after spending a fantastic 6 months living in Florence with my 15 year old granddaughter , Laila. Since my life centers in the kitchen it was fun to help teach her some Italian verbs while cooking with grandma and grandpa. Not easy learning a new language . So proud of her. Now she is back in New York . We miss her and her great frittatas.

See part of the video on facebook. Villa Lucia