Wrong bedroom

What is the chance of a wife and mistress finding themselves at the same B&B with the man involved? At Villa Lucia in Montevettolini we have seen it all. When the couple were to retire the night before leaving  the mistress asked her companion to give her a good- by kiss while  his wife would  shower the next morning. She would leave the door to her room ajar. A college student that was helping me out told me at breakfast on the couples departing day that due to the wind pounding some doors left ajar, she closed the doors during the night.  I did not think of it being a problem until the couple left.



A honeymooner came down in his shorts while other guests were enjoying breakfast and asked “Lucy what kind of a place is this? I wondered about the love note under my door but then a man came to my bed and kissed me good-by in front of my wife”.  There was nothing I could do to explain other than to say, sorry that he must have made a mistake.

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