Villa Lucia Bedroom Stories Continue

Fixing breakfast early one morning I was joined by a guest asking for assistance. Shirley explained that she would not ask in Rome and waited  to speak to me at Villa Lucia.  Having forgotten her diaphragm  requested that I go with her to a pharmacy. Not familiar with diaphragms I ascertained  that they came in sizes. Unfortunately  our local pharmacy  did not have her size.  Disappointed I returned home but  while serving the other guests received a call from the pharmacist that he found  her size in Bologna.
wrong spot (1)

I regretted that I could not go to Bologna, a two hour drive,  when he answered there was no need to do so since he ordered a van to bring the medium size diaphragm to the farm. Sure enough within 2 hours as the other guests lingered at the breakfast table, the van arrived and the driver requested Shirley. Initially it was a private matter but the curiosity of the guests led  Shirley to share her problem which brought laughter to the others as they wished Shirley and  her embarrassed husband a wonderful evening.

2 thoughts on “Villa Lucia Bedroom Stories Continue

  1. Hi Lucy, You bring a smile to my face every time I read about your adventures. September 29th is almost here and we’ll be flying to Rome for three days and then Sorrento and the Almalf. Any chance to meeting us in beautiful Italia? Oh, I hope so !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and hugs, Joan

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