Villa Lucia Bedroom Stories

My husband and I have always enjoyed electric beds. One week recently when our house was rented and we cared not to disturb our guests so secretly retired to our room during the day to read as we usually do with the upper and lower part of our electric beds in the V position. .That night just as we ventured into the kitchen for a snack after our renters went out to dinner, there were deafening bursts of thunder that followed streaks of lightning engulfed the house as if in the center of an explosive. Suddenly all the lights went out. We realized darkness everywhere, confirming that the deafening noise was caused by our village transformer being struck by lightning,

Adjustable beds, not very well adjusted beds.

'Push remote to return to flat position.'

My husband waited wisely for the guests in our parking area with car lights on as I searched for candles to light the interior. The electricity was still out when they returned past midnight. They were happy to see us home being that they thought we were out of town. When we retired to our rooms after bidding to all a good night, we realized that our beds had remained in the V position. All rooms were occupied. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night, relieved only when at 7 am we heard in the distance the city employees working on the transformer.


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