Villa Lucia B and B Stories Continue

Two of our female guests were to meet a Sig.  Gerrari at the RR Station in Bologna for a business meeting. Before they departed  by train to Bologna we discussed  at Villa Lucia how  Italians greet one another  by kissing both cheeks, and how ladies often make the first gesture.  When they arrived back at Villa Lucia they told me and our guests that when arriving  in Bologna they noticed a young sexy man staring at them who  appeared to be waiting for them to take them to their meeting.

italian gesture

With big smiles and happy faces,  Judy and Faith took turns giving the man a warm embrace  along with the social italian kissing  gesture they learned . Kissee Kissee, kissing him on both cheeks. Without a  word spoken they were surprised to see the young man smiling from ear to ear  board the train as it was pulling away from the station waving thank you to both ladies. They were so embarrassed that they took a taxi to their destination and left the real Sig, Gerrari  who was waiting in his car for the lovely ladies and who they never got to meet.

Wrong bedroom

What is the chance of a wife and mistress finding themselves at the same B&B with the man involved? At Villa Lucia in Montevettolini we have seen it all. When the couple were to retire the night before leaving  the mistress asked her companion to give her a good- by kiss while  his wife would  shower the next morning. She would leave the door to her room ajar. A college student that was helping me out told me at breakfast on the couples departing day that due to the wind pounding some doors left ajar, she closed the doors during the night.  I did not think of it being a problem until the couple left.



A honeymooner came down in his shorts while other guests were enjoying breakfast and asked “Lucy what kind of a place is this? I wondered about the love note under my door but then a man came to my bed and kissed me good-by in front of my wife”.  There was nothing I could do to explain other than to say, sorry that he must have made a mistake.

Villa Lucia Bedroom Stories continue

Years ago it was difficult to get American channels on our Italian tv. Success arrived with cable that gave us CNN,  one channel,  which could be used for videos as well. Considering few of our American guests would watch tv in Italy,  it worked out well.  The decision to change our system was after a lovely young couple on their honeymoon decided to show their love making video in their room, unaware that it could be seen in all 10 rooms.

'I love it when you spoon me.'  'I love it when you fork me.'


The next morning  one of the guests that  joined the couple for breakfast  suggested that they not show their private movies.  The young couple, left their hot coffees untouched and signed out before others would come down for breakfast. That led us to  modernize our system.

Villa Lucia Bedroom Stories Continue

Fixing breakfast early one morning I was joined by a guest asking for assistance. Shirley explained that she would not ask in Rome and waited  to speak to me at Villa Lucia.  Having forgotten her diaphragm  requested that I go with her to a pharmacy. Not familiar with diaphragms I ascertained  that they came in sizes. Unfortunately  our local pharmacy  did not have her size.  Disappointed I returned home but  while serving the other guests received a call from the pharmacist that he found  her size in Bologna.
wrong spot (1)

I regretted that I could not go to Bologna, a two hour drive,  when he answered there was no need to do so since he ordered a van to bring the medium size diaphragm to the farm. Sure enough within 2 hours as the other guests lingered at the breakfast table, the van arrived and the driver requested Shirley. Initially it was a private matter but the curiosity of the guests led  Shirley to share her problem which brought laughter to the others as they wished Shirley and  her embarrassed husband a wonderful evening.

Villa Lucia Bedroom Stories

My husband and I have always enjoyed electric beds. One week recently when our house was rented and we cared not to disturb our guests so secretly retired to our room during the day to read as we usually do with the upper and lower part of our electric beds in the V position. .That night just as we ventured into the kitchen for a snack after our renters went out to dinner, there were deafening bursts of thunder that followed streaks of lightning engulfed the house as if in the center of an explosive. Suddenly all the lights went out. We realized darkness everywhere, confirming that the deafening noise was caused by our village transformer being struck by lightning,

Adjustable beds, not very well adjusted beds.

'Push remote to return to flat position.'

My husband waited wisely for the guests in our parking area with car lights on as I searched for candles to light the interior. The electricity was still out when they returned past midnight. They were happy to see us home being that they thought we were out of town. When we retired to our rooms after bidding to all a good night, we realized that our beds had remained in the V position. All rooms were occupied. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night, relieved only when at 7 am we heard in the distance the city employees working on the transformer.