Those Italians will make love anywhere!!

car and wild boar

Driving two couples back to the farm after an evening of culture,  one gentleman  expressed his need for a rest room.  Late in the evening  I could not think of anything available as we drove through the countryside.  I suggested to go behind an old farmhouse by the side of the road, which he agreed to do.

Shortly afterwards,  what sounded like a woman’s scream came from the direction of the abandoned building.  Out of the darkness of the night came our friend zipping up his fly as he  approached the  car. What happened, we all questioned? His answer was, “ those dam Italians make love anywhere”. Apparently as he tried to relieve himself,  it disturbed a moment of ecstasy that a young couple were enjoying under  the moonlight behind the abandoned farmhouse. His wife commented, ” Better the couple then a hungry wild boar that could have eliminated a private  body part.”



4 thoughts on “Those Italians will make love anywhere!!

  1. Lucy, we love you! You and George were the highlight of our trip, we could not have enjoyed ourselves more, especially the “in the moment” cooking session, I am now a master at garlic bread! You were so right about driving in Florence, what an adventure! And then we missed our connection in Paris and had an unplanned 9 hour layover. We made lemonchello out of lemons by grabbing a taxi and going to the Eiffel Tower and having lunch in a French cafe, then hightailed it back to the airport. thank you so much for your hospitality, we are having a trip reunion at your restaurant in Dana Point when Mitsy returns from Africa, We are also making a donation in your and George’s honor to Make a Wish who brought us all together. Thank you again for a marvelous and unforgettable couple of days, wish it could have been more!
    Amore! from Kathy, Mitsy and Irene

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