Return from the dead


While having a dinner party with some Italian friends my friend Eduardo came to visit me. When introducing him to one of our guests his face turned white, mouth dropped wide open and he froze in a state of shock. When I took him aside questioning what was wrong, he  whispered that he was surprised to see that guest present since he  thought he was dead.  If I did not know that Ed was not drinking I would have thought he was inebriated or losing his mind. He continued to stare in amazement which led me to offer  him a glass of wine, hoping to  close his frozen- open mouth. I asked quietly as others were talking, as to what ever gave him the idea. His answer, “it can’t be. He is suppose to be  dead unless he has returned from the dead. ” Motionless, staring, without a sip from the wine glass,  he quietly and slowly voiced that he had seen this man’s grave at the cemetery. I suggested he might need professional help for my guest was very much alive. A few days later, Eduardo stopped by for a visit before going to the cemetery to see the man that had died.   On a return visit he explained  that the gentleman did not return from the dead nor was he, Eduardo,  losing his mind,  The man trying to take care of things before his death had his picture put next to his wife’s picture being that she had died recently. He also added his  birthdate  but Ed did not realize the death day was missing Whew that was scary.


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