Flowers or Pheasant for dinner ?

“Don’t forget to have Francesco water while I am gone”, Martha said, as she was about to leave for the States. “ The new nursery is great, all organic. I look forward to great organic minestrone on my return.’ “ No problem,” I reassured her. After giving Francesco the order, I myself had to leave to attend a convention.
Hunter Lavandar

Upon my return, before putting down my bags, I heard Francesco swearing at the funny looking veggies that were popping colorful heads out of the earth. “Do you eat these things in America?” he asked while looking down at a beautiful assortment of colorful spring flowers in a bed of blooming lavander. The colorful flowers were organic, but unfortunately no veggies in sight being that the new nursery confused vegetable seeds with spring flowers. “Oh, Americani,”was Francesco’s usual response as he ranted and raved about Americans that eat flowers instead of real food.
That afternoon as I was working in my office, I heard a shotgun blast. Looking out the office window caught Francesco holding a dead bird. Questioning what it was, he responded we would have pheasant for dinner and had to add, “ better than eating flowers”.

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