An evening of culture

Although we have lots of fun in the kitchen, we also love going to cultural events with our guests. A yearly favorite is going to Andrea Bocelli’s concerts at Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico near his home in Tuscany. Our wonderful Tuscan neighbors, opera singer Carlo Bini and his english wife Bonnie, who have had Bocelli at their home, manage to get us tickets to hear the practice performance the night before his scheduled performance.(Here we are with some of our guests and Francesco, about to leave Villa Lucia for the short drive to Teatro del Silenzio.)
bocelli 1 The singing is always magnificent, the practice program identical, and the outdoor performance under the stars of a beautiful Tuscan summer night, always fantastic. The only difference is the cost is considerably less and the performers are not in their concert attire. None of us missed that at all.bocelli 2
We sang all the way home “Con Té Partirò”.summer 2009 678

5 thoughts on “An evening of culture

  1. Everyone who has been blessed with time spent at the farm and with Lucy and Jorge have memories to fill ones heart. Their sharing of time, knowledge, food, culture and so much more, makes this the place in Tuscany to stay.

  2. Andrea Bocelli is my favorite! How I would have loved to be there too. I truly love all of your blogs. Keep them coming!

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