Want to have what she had…for Christmas

Jorge insist that good surgical results should not look post surgical but the patient should look well rested.blogphotosaug2009 018 His patients returning to the States would give the usual answer to questions of their improved looks that it is our wonderful extra-virgin olive oil produced on the farm. I love it. Needless to say, it helps in my sale of our olive oil.One night with 25 people around the dinner table a call came from a friend from the States. The speaker phone was on loud since Francesco has a hearing problem. Delayed in answering, while serving dinner quests, I was shocked into silence when the party on the phone yelled out, ,” Lucy, “I know xxx had a facelift. Don’t give me that s…. about your organic olive oil. It may be good, but not that f—good. Tell Jorge I will be coming for a few gallons of your liquid gold. I want to have what shes got.

blogphotosaug2009 013

We sell lots of our organic olive oil to our guests when they return to the States and tell their friends that their glow and twinkle lines are because of our extra virgin oil. It can’t be surgery, of course not!! We have a 500 and 1500 liter tanks of our liquid gold, Lots to help all with their wrinkles, if you believe it.

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