B & B Defined

Pheasant hunting is much easier than hunting Cinghiali ( wild boar), which is Francesco’s favorite past time.. When the season opens, one would find Francesco on week-ends fighting traffic to join his team of hunters. One must have a hunting rifle license, permit to hunt the particular animal, and be accepted by a team. There are great controls, down to reporting the animal when killed, age, size and sex. Not always successful, but one week-end he succeeded in killing 3 in one day. Although never having his own camera, on the way back from the hunt, he bought an inexpensive throw away camera to capture his prize for future recording before it was cut up and divided by the team..

Weeks later I went shopping with him to our commercial center where he could also develop his films. Finishing my chores, I found him waiting outside the photo shop. I was anxious to see the pictures. With a anguished look he explained that he would not pick them up because the sales people were giving him glaring stares… I laughed and questioned why he would think people would find him so interesting. Giggling my way into the shop I observed all eyes on me as well, being that the 5 salesgirls had observed us communicating. It did seem strange, but I managed to pick up the pictures without commenting.

Stepping away from the shop and reviewing the pictures, we ascertained why the questioning look on the faces of the employees.The 3 pictures of the 300 pound animals he had killed, were there but they were among the pre-op pictures of my husband’s, headless liposuction patients, having picked up Francesco’s camera by mistake The 30 grotesque pictures of pre-liposuction nude women exposing multiple folds of hanging skin, concealed what after surgery would soon return to being boobs and butts, another meaning of B&B of Tuscany. . .


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Truffle Hunting with the dogs

This seems to be the favorite day in our cooking class when we go out with the truffle hunter and his trained dog in search for the king of all truffles, the white truffle. Pigs tend to eat the ugly fungi so dogs are favored. Truffle weeks are during our olive harvest the last week in October and the first three weeks in November, weather permitting.

IMG_3518IMG_3490We coincide our weeks with the festival of truffles in San Miniato, which are held during the first three weekends in November. Usually successful with the hunt, but if not, we do our best to have our attendees experience a tasting of the highly prized rare funghi, called by many, the “food of Gods”.

Thongs for Comfort

As I walked away from the dinner table one evening, my daughter joined me in the kitchen and suggested that my beautiful designer suit with white pants showed my panty line. “ Mom with those pants you have to use thongs”. I explained that I tried them to no avail and can’t understand how young girls can wear them. She explained that I might not have had the right size. If I did she insisted I would love the feeling of being panty-less. Sure enough a few weeks later I received a gift from my lovely daughter, apparently the right size. Although they rested for weeks in my lingerie drawer, one day as I selected my silky white pant suit to wear to a special event, I decided to wear Michelle’s gift. During the formal dinner that night, I excused myself to use the rest room. Upon my return to the table, I informed my husband of a funny sensation. I felt as if I had broken my water as in pregnancy or menstruating which I retired from years ago. A quick return to the rest room made me realize my daughter was right. Thongs are so comfortable that you feel as if you are panty-less on and I forgot to roll them down when I relieved myself. This was worse than having a panty line. No more thongs for me.