Book Dedication

20130923_151138     MARY CONCETTA VALLERA

On her 100th birthday, Oct 9th 2013

There have been many influences in my life, my parents, husband, children, sisters and other relatives and friends that have been forces contributing to my being who I am today. But, as for food culture, the dominate influence is my mother, an Italian immigrant who unknowingly gave me a culture based on tradition and well being.

With little formal education, never having benefited from the advise of millions of professionals in the food and health professions, never having followed dietary trends, weigh lost programs, or catering to health clubs, lived well adhering solely to the tradition and culture of her native land. I wish to share with my readers the food culture that I experienced due to her influence, that when her family adhered to her advise, had wonderful results, and when they deviated, had to experience the consequence endured by many in the modern world.

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