Artisans of Yesterday and Their Passion for Life

Ceramics with Lucy (2)Although artisans of yesterday are few in number, Tuscany is fortunate to still have several historical bottegas, artisan workshops, as testament to former times. Before the industrial revolution and mass production became the norm, the dominate production of goods were made by artisans, who enjoyed a high social status. Creating from a simple piece to art form they reflected their personal aesthetics, values, and imagination, providing their masters with unique pieces of beauty, reflecting their talent and individual qualities.
Ceramics (2)Villa Lucia organizes visits to some of the local artisans, who continue to work in their workshops, creating objects of beauty and uniqueness by hand from raw materials, either functional or strictly decorative. Culinary artisans, making hand-made food products are also visited and like craftsmen, often learn their trade from relatives providing a chain of first hand knowledge through generations. Most of the artisans developed a passion for their work in their early years, which gave them a life-long committment to their craft.
Ceramic Paints (2)

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