America versus Italy

Every day I observe and compare the difference of the two countries I love. One the most industrial and successful  in the world, America, and the other the most creative and artistic, Italy. Viewing the two devices one can easily guess their country.  One clue is function versus artistic style. The other clue is a portable urinal  versus  the pappagallo ( the parrot) . A hospital patient said one is best for wine the other for water.


Yoga plus at Villa Lucia !

September brought us two yoga groups from California.  Denise Stanek, aesthetician for Dr. Jon Grazer and yoga instructor brought her  group of yogis from Newport Beach for a week. Although busy with morning and afternoon yoga classes the group still found time for visits to the marble mines in Carrara and to the beautiful  fishing villages of Cinque Terre.

Following the Newport Beach ladies came our desert yogis led by Luciana Lo Presto returning for the second time, this time  with  her daughter Ann Lucia that added more fun to the week . Along with yoga  they enjoyed a culinary tour in Modena, experiencing  the making of  parmigiana, and balsamic,  a tour and lunch at a winery and bicycling along the walls of Lucca.


Both  great yoga teachers  said they would love to return.  Villa Lucia invites all instructors to come and join us and bring your group for yoga plus  in Tuscany.  I  was always in the kitchen but did get out once for a midnight, under the stars, candles on our greenbelt, relaxing session.  Loved our great ladies and especially the new friendships that have been made which have given me a treasure chest of wonderful new memories some which you can see in this video.


Where is the toilet seat ?

Bathrooms in private homes in Italy in general are  immaculate, Why do many in public places look lost without their toilet seat? This questioned was left unanswered until one of our seats broke at our Villa in Tuscany and I had to find a suitable seat to attach to its porcelain base.  My search led me to bathroom shops throughout Tuscany. Many looked ok until trying to match the boltholes.  After two months of a search, hesitating to replace the entire unit, I began to understand the reason as I yanked out the remaining bolts and put the broken seat in my car  to be sure to have it available for a match.

Questioning proprietors of public locations I learned that questioning cleanliness of the seat, people tend to stand on the seat, cracking it .  This being the reason proprietors  decide to eliminate the seat all together after various breakings on the same seat.  It was hard for me to accept this answer, but realized after questioning many that gave me the same response that it may be true.

But my conclusion resulting from my search is that Italians in their innate ability  to find beauty or create it along with their passion for sculpture channel all their frustrations  for beauty even into  the toilet seat, with little consideration for its replacement.  In California when needing to replace a seat I had a choice of two or three which  brought me immediately to a replacement.  In Italy my search led me to hundreds of beautiful designs of curved, squared, oval, round seats of which none would match the bolts on my porcelain base. Being a private home I could not abandon  my search as  proprietors of public  facilities may do,  and join those that go seatless. Eventually not able to find a replacement I replaced the entire unit and decided to have all future replacements match the one I found which prove to be most practical, popular, functional and least attractive.  It may have been designed by an amateur Italian scultore but it served well its purpose,  Strangely enough it never has suffered a crack in the seat.



Celebrating Persiuan New Years with two great chefs

Two amazing chefs, Cyrus and Pervin Todiwals,  teamed  up  with other chefs  to cook for the Queen for her Jubilee.  When first visiting us at Villa Lucia four years ago, we had no idea of their celebrity status.  A great friendship developed.  After many attempts to accept an invitation to meet them in one of their 4 restaurants, we finally were able to join them  for Iranian and Zoroastrian New Years Feast on March 20th 2017 at their Café Spice Namaste Restaurant in London. What a feast. What an amazing couple. What an honor to be with them.  If you like Indian food be sure to visit them. The Queen seeks out the very best.

Octoberfest in Italy

It may be better in Germany but thanks to globalization, now we can celebrate Octoberfest in Italy.  OK instead of bratwurst 10 lamb kabobs on the stick will have to do, You can see I have  2 down and 7 to go:  Dog gone  it, Jorge stole one again.


As for beer, a cold pint is good anywhere. Jorge and Ricardo did not need Germany to down  ummmm a few pints.


Wedding at Villa Lucia

August saw a most handsome couple  get married at Villa Lucia, beautiful Ana  and her handsome companion Randy, publishers of Newport Beach Livestyle magazine. Ana’s family  came from Spain to join  some 50 other guests for a week of activities. As usual, my husband, doctor Jorge ( once a most successful plastic surgeon) performed the ceremony as he has done for many more in his new role as minister at Villa Lucia.

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